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Acceptable Evidence of Veteran Ancestor's Service

Documentary evidence of an veteran ancestor's military service must provide the name and rank of the veteran and identify the military unit (i.e., company, regiment, battalion, ship, etc.) with which he served. A legible reproduction (i.e., photocopy) of any one or more of the following named documents are acceptable:

  1. Discharge certificate
  2. Muster roll page
  3. National Archives Mexican War Volunteers index card
  4. National Archives Regular Army, Navy, or Marines enlistments index page or card
  5. Bounty land warrant
  6. Approved pension application
  7. National Archives Old Wars or Mexican War pension application index card with indication that pension was approved
  8. Listing in Heitman's Roster of U.S. Army Officers, Robart's Mexican War Veterans, or a similar printed roster of U.S. military officers
  9. Printed roster published by a state government
  10. Printed roster transcribed from official muster rolls

Evidence of the service of a civilian employee of the United States who served in the War with Mexico shall consist of the legible reproduction of any document generated by the federal government or a state government that provides evidence of said service.

The following items (originals or reproductions) are NOT acceptable as evidence of service of any military veteran or civilian employee.

  1. Pages from a printed Mexican War pension index
  2. Obituaries
  3. Family history books
  4. Newspaper articles
  5. Pages from printed rosters that have not been transcribed from original muster rolls
  6. Photographs of grave markers
  7. The Descendants of Mexican War Veterans will only accept documentation as outlined in our by-laws. Internet sites, LDS records, Ancestry.com are NOT recognized documentations and unacceptable per our membership guidelines.
  • In the absence of any of the acceptable items listed above, any other document (such as a diary or letters) not specifically excluded may be accepted as evidence of service at the discretion of any person authorized to review said evidence and approve applications for membership.
  • Whenever a substituted document is submitted as evidence, it must be accompanied by a letter signed and dated by the applicant, stating that none of the acceptable items are available.

NOTE: Descendants of any person who deserted the service of the United States and who subsequently took up arms against the same (such as members of the infamous San Patricio Battalion) are ineligible for full membership.


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