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The list for this battle is divided into two parts. This is PART ONE.
See also Molino del Rey, PART TWO.


Commanded by Maj.-Gen. Worth

Garland’s Brigade
1. Second Lt. & Aid-de-camp Hermann Thorn, 3d Dragoons.

2d Artillery
1. Pvt. John C. Elloes or Ellares, Co. C.
2. Pvt. Wm. J. Barnhard, Co. C
3. First Lt William Armstrong, Co. D
4. Sgt. Austin B. Howe, Co. F
5. Pvt. Herman Levy, Co. G
6. Pvt. Jacob Dyas, Co. I
7. Pvt. Timothy Sullivan, Co. K
8. Pvt. August L. Grenier or Greiner, Co. K
9. Pvt. Robert McKee, Co. K

1. 1st Lt. H. J. Hunt, Co. A, slightly.
2. 1st Lt. William Hayes, Co. A, slightly.
3. 2d Lt. Henry F. Clark, Co. A, slightly.
4. Cpl. Hugh McCoy, Co. A, severely.
5. Pvt. James Divine, Co. A, severely.
6. Pvt. Richard Harper, Co. A, severely.
7. Pvt. Thomas Harris, Co. A, severely.
8. Pvt. Christopher Yeager, Co. A, severely.
9. Pvt. Joshua H. Corwin, Co. A, severely.
10. Pvt. Richard Gilmore; Co. A, slightly.
11. Pvt. James Whitter or Witter, Co. A, slightly.
12. Pvt. George Wagner, Co. A, slightly.
13. Pvt. Abram Hart, Co. A, slightly.
14. Pvt. William Smith, Co. A.
15. Pvt. Lawrence Dunniran, Co. A.
16. Pvt. John Forgy or Forgey, Co. A.
17. Pvt. Samuel Stanley, Co. A.
18. Pvt. David Wheeler, Co. A.
19. Pvt. John Murphy, Co. A.
20. *1st Lt. Charles B. Daniels, Co. C, mortally, died Oct. 22, 1847.
21. *Pvt. William Shappe or Shoppe, Co. C mortally, since dead (died 9 Sept. 1847).
22. Pvt. Charles Hoover or Horner, Co. C, severely
23. Pvt. Patrick Kean, Co. C, slightly or severely.
24. Pvt. William Moore, Co. C, severely.
25. Pvt. James Richford or Rochford, Co. C, severely.
26. Pvt. Henry or Hy Derbin or Derlin, Co. C, severely.
27. Pvt. Martin Sharbuck, severely.
28. Pvt. John Conway, Co. C, slightly.
29. Pvt. John Garrey, Co. C, slightly.
30. Sgt. George Gordon, Co. D, slightly.
31. Musician Thomas Clark, Co. D, slightly.
32. Pvt. John Hill, Co. D, slightly.
33. *Pvt. Christie or Christopher Bower, Co. F, mortally, since dead.
34. Pvt. Frederick Blunt, Co. F, severely.
35. Pvt. William Crock or Crook, Co. F, slightly.
36. Pvt. William Cook, Co. F
37. Pvt. Samuel S. Deikman or Dickman, Co. F, slightly.
38. Pvt. Thomas Furian or Furman, Co. F, severely.
39. *Pvt. Archibald McFayden, Co. F, severely, died Sept. 11, 1847.
40. Pvt. Francis Webb, Co. F, severely.
41. *First Lt. Muscoe L. Shackelford, Co. G, mortally, died Oct. 12, 1847.
42. *Cpl. Henry Belleman or Balleman or Ralleman, Co. G, mortally, since dead (died 8 Sept. 1847).
43. Pvt. Robert Alexander, Co. G, severely.
44. Pvt. Robert Micham or Michan, Co. G, severely.
45. Pvt. James Montgomery, Co. G, severely.
46. Pvt. Thomas O'Brien, Co. G, severely.
47. *Pvt. James D. Reynolds, Co. G, slightly, died Sept. 19, 1847.
48. Pvt. Thomas Starr, Co. G, severely.
49. Pvt. William Sharp, Co.G, severely.
50. Pvt. John Wiley, Co. G, slightly.
51. Sgt. James McCormick, Co. H, slightly.
52. Cpl. Hugh McDonald, Co. H, severely.
53. Pvt. James Bonahan or Bohannan, Co.H, severely.
54. Pvt. James Heany, Co. H, severely.
55. *Pvt. John McAral or McNeil, Co. H, severely (died 19 or 21 Sept. 1847).
56. Pvt. John K. or R. Smith, Co. H, severely.
57. Pvt. Edward Allsworth or Ellsworth, Co. H, severely.
58. Sgt. Samuel Meekle, Co. K, slightly.
59. Cpl. Gilbert M. Fancher, Co. K, slightly.
60. Pvt. George Barr, Co. K, slightly.
61. Pvt. W. Cordes, Co. K, slightly.
62. Pvt. H. Knickerbocker, Co. K, slightly.
63. Pvt. William Wright, Co. K, slightly.
64. Pvt. John Flemming, Co. K, slightly.
65. Pvt. Nicholas Seminoff, Co. K, slightly.
66. Pvt. Andrew Casey, Co. K, slightly.
67. *Pvt. Thomas Sullivan, Co. K, died 10 Sept. 1847.
68. *Pvt. Alphonse Schaffer or Schaeffer, Co. K, died 13 Sept. 1847.
69. *Pvt. Anthony Rounder, Co. K, died 23 Sept. 1847.
70. Second Lt. George P. Andrews, Regimental Quartermaster, slightly.

1. *Pvt. Francis Beed or Beer, Co. C, killed.

3d Artillery
1. Second Lt. Joseph F. Farr or Farry, Co. B
2. Sgt. John Walsh, Co. B
3. Sgt. Simon Margarum, Co. B
4. Bvt. Capt. George W. Ayers or Ayres, Co. I
5. Pvt. Benjamin M. Harris, Co. I

1. *Cpl. John Matthews or Mathis, Co. B, severely, since dead (died 25 Sept. 1847).
2. Cpl. John Hynes, Co. B, slightly.
3. *Pvt. John Coogan, Co. B, mortally, since dead (died 15 Sept. 1847).
4. Pvt. Julius Martial, Co. B, severely.
5. Pvt. Philip Rouse, Co. B, slightly.
6. Pvt. Enerold Rasmussen, Co. B.
7. Pvt. William F. Taylor, Co. B, slightly.
8. Pvt. James Walsh, Co. B, slightly.
9. Pvt. George Wilcox, Co. B, slightly.
10. Capt. Robert Anderson, Co. G, severely.
11. Pvt. Samuel Brown, Co. G, severely.
12. Pvt. William Bloom, Co. G, severely.
13. *Pvt. Peter Derit or Devitt, Co. G, since dead.
14. Pvt. Dedrick Deer, Co. G, severely.
15. Pvt. Robert McGee, Co. G, severely.
16. *Pvt. William Parker, Co. G, since dead (died 9 Sept. 1847).
17. *Pvt. John Watchman, Wiechman, or Weichman, Co. G, severely, since dead (died 23 Sept. 1847).
18. Pvt. Thomas Brady, Co. G, slightly.
19. Pvt. Charles Beistrenger or Beiswenger, Co. G, slightly.
20. Pvt. John Commer or Conner, Co. G, severely.
21. Pvt. Thomas Juit or Tuit, Co. G, slightly.
22. *Sgt. Anton Achenback, Co. I, severely, since dead (died 19 Sept. 1847).
23. *Pvt. Marshall Kimball, Co. I, mortally, since dead (died 9 Sept. 1847).
24. Pvt. Joseph Finch, Co. I, severely.
25. Pvt. William W. Walker, Co. I, slightly.
26. Pvt. John Sullivan, Co. K, severely.
27. Pvt. Michael Ley, Co. K, slightly.
28. First Lt. Sidney Smith, Co. ?, slightly.
29. Asst. Surgeon James Simons, Regimental Staff, slightly.
30. First Lt. & Adjutant Henry Prince, Regimental Staff, severely.

4th Infantry
1. First Sgt. John Coyle, Co. C
2. Pvt. Frederick Workman, Co. C
3. Cpl. John Cameron or Cammeron, Co. D
4. Pvt. Gilbert Goodrich, Co. D
5. Sgt. Henry Ray, Co. E
6. Pvt. Stillman D. Coburn, Co. E
7. Pvt. Patrick Ronnan, Ronnau, or Rowman, Co. E
8. Pvt. John McClosky, Co. F
9. Pvt. James Steele, Co. F

1. 2d Lt. Abram B. Lincoln, Co. A, slightly.
2. Sgt. William Quinn, Co. A, severely.
3. Sgt. George W. Anderson, Co. A, severely.
4. Pvt. James Carroll, Co. A, severely.
5. *Pvt. Oswold Drary or Drury, Co. A, severely (died 24 Sept. 1847).
6. Pvt. James Keenan, Co. A, severely.
7. *Pvt. Christian or Christain Smallback or Smallbark, Co. A, severely (died 11 Oct. 1847).
8. Pvt. William Ehrenbaum or Ehrenbein, Co. A, severely.
9. Pvt. David Coleman, Co. B, severely.
10. Pvt. John Clancey or Cluncy, Co. B, severely.
11. Pvt. John Gallagher or Ghalager, Co. B, slightly.
12. *Pvt. Philip Hassey, Co. B, severely, died 13 Sept. 1847.
13. Pvt. John Montgomery, Co. B, severely.
14. Pvt. Martin Rush, Co. B, severely.
15. Pvt. John P. Smith, Co. B, severely.
16. Pvt. Henry Stenoham or Stoneham, Co. B, severely.
17. Pvt. William Allen, Co. B.
18. Pvt. Lewis Merans or Nerans, Co. B, slightly.
19. Cpl. William Castigan, Co. C, slightly.
20. Pvt. Richard Abercrombie, Co. C, severely.
21. Pvt. Samuel Collier, Co. C, severely.
22. Pvt. Robert Kuntz, Co. C, severely.
23. Pvt. Edward McKeon, Co. C, severely.
24. Pvt. Daniel F. McKee, Co. C, severely.
25. Pvt. Peter W. Sym or Syms, Co. C, severely.
26. Pvt. Michael Bonet, Co. C, severely.
27. Pvt. William C. Goddard or Goddart, Co. C, slightly.
28. Pvt. Levi Leitz, Co. C, slightly.
29. Pvt. John Coyle, Co. D, severely.
30. *Pvt. Jules Gasse, Co. D, severely, since dead (died 22 Sept. 1847).
31. Pvt. George Hill, Co. D.
32. Pvt. Maron or Martin Meyers or Myers, Co. D, severely.
33. Pvt. Lile or Lill Barton, Co. D, slightly.
34. Pvt. Theodore Crantz or Cranz, Co. E, severely.
35. Pvt. William Wiernest or Weinert, Co. E, severely.
36. Pvt. Adam Becker, Beecker or Beeckel, Co. E, slightly.
37. Pvt. John Hansener, Co. E.
38. Pvt. Lawrence Kenny, Co. E.
39. *Pvt. Joseph Holybec or Holybee, Co. F, severely, since dead (died 17 Sept. 1847).
40. *Pvt. John P. Merrick, Co. F, died 29 Sept. 1847.
41. Pvt. Michael McGuire, Co. F, slightly.
42. Pvt. John B. Weeden or Wheedon, Co. I, severely.
43. Pvt. Charles Metz, Co. I, severely.
44. Pvt. Ephraim Cain, Co. I, severely.
45. *Pvt. Philip Felby, Co. I, severely, since dead (died 12 Sept. 1847).
46. Pvt. Edward Kirevin or Kirman, Co. I, severely.
47. Pvt. Martin Laugherty or Loughest,, Co. I, severely.
48. *Pvt. John Wilson, Co. I, died 10 Sept. 1847.
49. *Pvt. Oscar Wood, Co. I, died 12 Sept. 1847.
50. Pvt. Charles Scotsinskee or Skolinski, Co. I, slightly.

Clark’s Brigade
Field and Staff
1. *Bvt. Col. James S. McIntosh, severely, died 27 Sept. 1847.
2. *Asst. Surgeon William Roberts, severely, died 13 Oct. 1847.

5th Infantry
1. 2d Lt. William T. Burwell, Aid-de-camp.
2. Bvt. Lt. Col. Martin Scott
3. Sgt. John Gollinger or Gottinger, Co. A
4. Pvt. Timothy Howby or Hawley, Co. A
5. Pvt. Thomas Weidman or Wiedman, Co. A
6. Sgt. Augustus Quitman or Ohitman, Co. B
7. Pvt. Frederick Hobber, Co. B
8. Pvt. Hy Mamark or Mienick, Co. B
9. Pvt. Francis McKay or McSloy, Co. B
10. Pvt. Thomas S. Pole, Co. B
11. Pvt. John P. Ronner, Co. B
12. Pvt. Charles Steward, Co. B
13. Cpl. Samuel Carr, Co. E
14. Pvt. Samuel Calhoun, Co. E
15. Pvt. Robert Crawford, Co. E
16. Pvt. Thomas W. Gooding, Co. E
17. Pvt. Owen Marry or Murray, Co. E
18. Pvt. Griffith Owens, Co. E
19. Pvt. David Sharp, Co. E
20. Pvt. Peter Pentz or Hentz, Co. E
21. Pvt. John B. Honer or Hoffer, Co. F
22. Pvt. John Koarstaupfads or Kiepatenfadt, Co. G
23. Pvt. John Conner, Co. H
24. Sgt. Stanislaus Minot or Minue, Co. I
25. Pvt. Peter C. or G. Moore, Co. I
26. Pvt. James C. Smith, Co. I
27. Pvt. James G. Smith, Co. I
28. Capt. Moses E. Merrill, Co. K
29. 2d Lt. Erastus B. Strong, Co. K
30. Pvt. William McClosky or McClusky, Co. K
31. Pvt. Thomas Foster, Co. K

1. *Sgt. Alfred Landrage or Sandridge, Co. A, severely (died 25 Sept. 1847).
2. Sgt. Elisha Buel, Co. A, slightly.
3. Musician Mathew or William Babb or Bapp, Co. A, slightly.
4. Musician or Cpl. Dredrick or Dediah Meir or Mier, Co. A, severely.
5. *Pvt. Horace or Morris Sayers, Co. A, mortally, since dead (died 10 Sept. 1847).
6. *Pvt. George Kingsman, Co. A, severely, dead (died 21 Sept. 1847).
7. Pvt. Jeremiah Delong, Co. A, severely.
8. *Pvt. Hugh Fraser or Frazer, Co. A, severely (died 25 Sept. 1847).
9. *Pvt. Daniel Henry, Co. A, died 29 Sept. 1847.
10. Pvt. William Goodwin, Co. A, severely.
11. Pvt. Joseph C. K. Seville, Co. A, severely.
12. Pvt. William Rhopes, Co. A, severely.
13. Pvt. Peter Delong, Co. A, severely.
14. Pvt. J. Wright, Co. A.
15. Pvt. D. Miller, Co. A.
16. Pvt. J. H. Tiffany, Co. A.
17. First Lt. Charles S. Hamilton, Co. B, severely.
18. Second Lt. Frederick T. Dent, Co. B, severely.
19. Cpl. Henry J. Haskell, Co. B, severely.
20. *Pvt. Ira Baker, Co. B, severely, died 15 Sept. 1847.
21. Pvt. John Erwing, Co. B, severely.
22. Pvt. Adam Eichstein, Co. B.
23. Pvt. J. Soller, Co. B.
24. Pvt. W. Montgomery, Co. B.
25. Pvt. John Lyons, Co. B.
26. Pvt. J. Reed, Co. B.
27. Pvt. Moses Patineau, Co. D, severely.
28. Cpl. Francis Smith, Co. E, severely.
29. *Pvt. William A. Place, Co. E, severely, died 9 Sept. 1847.
30. Pvt. John H. Beach, Co. E, severely.
31. Pvt. John Clark, Co. E, severely.
32. Pvt. Augustus De Louse, Co. E, severely.
33. Pvt. Thos. McDermot, Co. E, severely.
34. Pvt. William Wheeler, Co. E, severely.
35. Pvt. Uriah T. Hall, Co. E. severely.
36. Pvt. A. Pixon, Co. E.
37. Pvt. P. Mullen, Co. E.
38. Pvt. O. Melvin, Co. E.
39. Pvt. H. Wilkie, Co. E.
40. Sgt. James O'Brien, Co. F, slightly.
41. *Pvt. Jonas Cartwright, Co. F, severely, died 14 Sept. 1847.
42. *Pvt. Thomas Hogg, Co. F, severely, died 22 Sept. 1847.
43. *Pvt. Bernard Reily, Co. F, severely, died 24 Sept. 1847.
44. Pvt. Edward Amison, Co. F, severely.
45. Pvt. William Cain, Co. F, severely.
46. *Pvt. John Coglan, Co. F, severely, died 8 Oct. 1847.
47. Pvt. John Doyle, Co. F, severely.
48. Pvt. Jonah Ettinger, Co. F, severely.
49. *Pvt. Thomas McElroy, Co. F, severely, died 12 Oct. 1847.
50. Pvt. William O’Macht, Co. F, severely.
51. Pvt. James Shephard, Co. F, severely.
52. Pvt. G. W. B. Garrer, Co. F.
53. Pvt. H. Miller, Co. F.
54. Pvt. J. Wenzell, Co. F.
55. *Sgt. Alexander McClellan or McClelland, Co. G, severely, died 5 Oct. 1847.
56. *Pvt. Edward H. Brown, Co. G, severely, died 11 Sept. 1847.
57. *Pvt. Patrick McCue, Co. G, severely, died 30 Sept. 1847.
58. *Pvt. Patrick Scanlan, Co. G, severely, died 25 Sept. 1847.
59. *Pvt. Jos. Shipley, Co. G, severely, died 21 Sept. 1847.
60. Pvt. John Wrick, Co. G, severely, died 29 Sept. 1847.
61. Pvt. Charles Bitterling, Co. G, severely.
62. Pvt. John Enders, Co. G, severely.
63. Pvt. Leonard Johnson, Co. G, severely.
64. Pvt. Peter Wrick, Co. G, severely.
65. Pvt. J. Burns, Co. G.
66. Pvt. Charles Evans, Co. G.
67. *Capt. Ephraim Kirby Smith, Co. H, mortally, died Sept. 11, 1847.
68. Sgt. Joseph Updegraff or Updigraff, Co. H, severely.
69. Sgt. Thomas Johnson, Co. H, slightly.
70. *Pvt. James H. Brooke, Co. H, severely, died 10 Sept. 1847.
71. Pvt. George Capsenbanner, Co. H, severely.
72. Pvt. Charles Linder, Co. H, severely.
73. Pvt. Daniel Rodgers, Co. H, severely.
74. Pvt. W. Bell, Co. H, severely.
75. Pvt. P. O’Rourke, Co. H, severely.
76. Pvt. T. L. Slick, Co. H, severely.
77. Pvt. G. W. E. Sherman, Co. H, severely.
78. Cpl. Edwin Green, Co. H, severely.
79. Cpl. or Pvt. Darius Ballard, Co. H, slightly.
80. Cpl. Jacob Nichols, Co. H, slightly or severely.
81. Sgt. David Thompson, Co. I, slightly.
82. Cpl. B. Morely, Co. I, slightly.
83. Pvt. John Burk, Co. I, severely.
84. Pvt. Edward Cornell, Co. I, severely.
85. Pvt. Michael Cobb, Co. I, severely.
86. Pvt. John Harvey, Co. I, severely.
87. Pvt. W. H. Montgomery, Co. I, severely.
88. Pvt. John Rung, Co. I, severely.
89. Pvt. Charles Sanders, Co. I, severely.
90. Pvt. William Shaffer, Co. I, severely.
91. Pvt. Matthew Switzer, Co. I, severely.
92. Pvt. John M. McCameron, Co. I, severely.
93. Pvt. Cornelius O’Neill, Co. I, severely.
94. Pvt. Jacob Franklin, Co. I, severely.
95. Pvt. Samuel Tucker, Co. I, severely.
96. Pvt. Chester H. Tully, Co. I, severely.
97. Pvt. James Watson, Co. I, severely.
98. Pvt. Thomas W. Wood, Co. I, severely.
99. Pvt. J. Galan, Co. I.
100. Pvt. T. Glareen, Co. I.
101. Pvt. G. McElwee, Co. I.
102. Pvt. W. H. Morris, Co. I.
103. Pvt. B. Slater, Co. I.
104. Pvt. J. Wolf, Co. I.
105. Pvt. P. Bazini, Co. I.
106. Pvt. J. Helm, Co. I.
107. *Sgt. James McEverstein, Co. K, severely, died 13 Sept. 1847.
108. Cpl. Nicholas Reid, Co. K, severely.
109. Cpl. John Clavit, Co. K, severely.
110. Pvt. William J. Chapman, severely.
111. Pvt. William Curtis, Co. K, severely.

1. Pvt. John Gillespie, Co. E, supposed to have been killed.
2. Pvt. Thomas Hardy, Co. E, supposed to have been killed.
3. Pvt. William Reynolds, Co. E, supposed to have been killed.
4. Pvt. Henry Moeller, Co. K, supposed to have been killed.
5. Pvt. Conrad Young, Co. K, supposed to have been killed.

Sixth Infantry
1. Pvt. Berhard Althor or Althower, Co. B
2. Pvt. Michael Sheehan, Co. B
3. Pvt. John C. King, Co. B
4. Pvt. Martin Nuneman, Co. B
5. Pvt. Matthew Murphy, Co. C
6. Pvt. Victor Durand, Co. C
7. Pvt. John B. Horn, Co. D
8. Pvt. Nicholas Ramsey. Co. E
9. Pvt. John Smith, Co. E
10. Pvt. Charles Hanness, Co. E
11. Sgt. James McGlynn, Co. F
12. Pvt. William Agol, Co. F
13. Pvt. Jackson Adams, Co. F
14. Pvt. William Fahee, Co. F
15. Pvt. John H. Plant, Co. F
16. Pvt. Christian Schuman. Co. F
17. Pvt. Hiram Lacy, Co. F
18. Pvt. Michael Murphy, Co. F
19. Pvt. Peter Koit or Koite, Co. K
20. Pvt. Isham or Juan Canalizo, Co. K
21. Pvt. James or John Broderick, Co. K

1. Sgt. John McIntyre, Co. A, severely.
2. Sgt. George Williams, Co. A, severely.
3. *Pvt. William Spears, Co. A, died 10 Sept. 1847.
4. Pvt. J. Bradley, Co. A.
5. Pvt. J. Kennard, Co. A.
6. Pvt. J. B. Johnson, Co. A.
7. Pvt. J. Kennaughtz, Co. A.
8. Pvt. B. Reese, Co. A. 
9. Cpl. John Ferguson, Co. B, severely.
10. Pvt. John Martin, Co. B.
11. Pvt. Calvin Wells, Co. B.
12. Sgt. James E. Dresser, Co. C, slightly.
13. *Pvt. Michael McAuley, Co. C, severely, died 11 Sept. 1847.
14. Pvt. S. Jones, Co. C.
15. Pvt. John McGuire, Co. D, severely.
16. Pvt. William P. Moore, Co. D, severely.
17. Pvt. Jefferson Wells, Co. D, severely.
18. Pvt. E. W. Dexter, Co. D.
19. Pvt. L. Flood, Co. D.
20. Pvt. H. Jones, Co. D.
21. Pvt. J. Victory, Co. D.
22. Sgt. John Cummings, Co. E, severely.
23. Pvt. Henry Bartold, Co. E, severely.
24. Pvt. Brian Curran, Co. E, severely.
25. Pvt. Richard Cherry, Co. E, severely.
26. *Pvt. Joseph Rowland, Co. E, severely, died 17 Sept. 1847.
27. Pvt. T. Dowe, Co. E.
28. Pvt. D. Emerson, Co. E.
29. Pvt. W. C. Howe, Co. E.
30. Pvt. A. Reber, Co. E.
31. Pvt. G. Smith, Co. E.
32. Capt. William H. T. Walker, Co. F, severely.
33. *2d Lt. R. F. Ernst, Co. F, mortally, died 22 or 23 Sept. 1847.
34. Cpl. Michael Ennis, Co. F, severely.
35. *Cpl. Charles Kafferty or Rafferty, Co. F, severely, deid 17 Sept. 1847.
36. Pvt. R. T. Jackson, Co. F, slightly.
37. Capt. Albermarle Cady, Co. H, slightly.
38. Pvt. John A. Keating, Co.H, severely.
39. Pvt. Gregory Kippler, Co. H, severely.
40. Pvt. Jeremiah Ryan, Co. H, severely.
41. Pvt. A. Carlisle, Co. H.
42. Pvt. E. Gill, Co. H.
43. Pvt. D. Snyder, Co. H.
44. Sgt. Francis Fox, Co. K, slightly.
45. *Sgt. John Webb, Co. K, severely, since dead (died 23 Sept. 1847).
46. Pvt. Henry P. P. Aints, Co. K.
47. *Pvt. William Jones, Co. K, died 22 Sept. 1847.
48. *Pvt. Matthew Kolch, Co. K, died 7 Oct. 1847.
49. Pvt. A. Gantzas, Co. K.
50. Pvt. J. Mayer, Co. K.

Regimental Band
1. *[Pvt.?] Francis Kline, died 14 Sept. 1847.
2. [Pvt.?] S. Morgan.
Eighth Infantry
1. Pvt. James Leary, Co. A
2. Pvt. David Campbell, Co. B
3. Pvt. William Hanson, Co. B
4. Pvt. Joseph Scott, Co. B
5. Pvt. Thomas Lansom or Lanson, Co. C
6. Musician Patrick McGrash or McGrath, Co. D
7. Pvt. Gabriel Wilson, Co. D
8. Pvt. George McGraff or Mergraff, Co. D
9. Cpl. James Coogan or Crogan, Co. E
10. Pvt. Patrick Green, Co. E
11. Sgt. Edw. Bertram, Co. F
12. Sgt. Beuben or Reuben Brown, Co. F
13. Cpl. John Hughes, Co. F
14. Pvt. Peter Caffery, Co. F
15. Pvt. Bernard McFarlin or McFarline, Co. F
16. Pvt. Jacob Neish, Co. F
17. Pvt. Charles Schwarykoryt or Schwartzkoop, Co. F
18. Sgt. Nicholas Ford. Co. H
19. Pvt. Carlos M. Butler, Co. H
20. Pvt. William Butler, Co. H
21. Pvt. John A. Jackson, Co. H
22. Pvt. Barthol or Bartlett Mahon, Co. H
23. Pvt. Henry Fassor or Pessor, Co. H
24. Pvt. Samuel Porter, Co. H
25. Pvt. Lewis Hemne, Co. I
26. Cpl. or Pvt. William Sandys, Co. I
27. Pvt. Samuel Clark, Co. K
28. Pvt. Thomas Fea or Flea, Co. K
29. Pvt. Robert Simpson or Simson, Co. K

1. Major Carlos A. Waite, slightly.
2. Capt. or Maj. George Wright, slightly.
3. Sgt. Major John or Theodore Fink, severely.
4. Sgt. or Principal Musician Thomas Moir, or Muir, slightly.
5. Capt. Larkin Smith, Co. A, severely.
6. Cpl. A. P. or T. Osbourne, Co. A, slightly or severely.
7. Pvt. A. Fitzpatrick, Co. A, severely.
8. Pvt. John A. Brutsman, Co. A, severely.
9. Pvt. Patrick Mallory, Co. A, severely.
10. Pvt. L. B. Hannaly, Co. A, severely.
11. Pvt. William Sheppard, Co. A, severely.
12. Pvt. S. Vredenberg, Co. A.
13. Pvt. H. Stephens, Co. A.
14. Pvt. L. H. Royal, Co. A.
15. Pvt. J. Swartzemgar, Co. A.
16. Pvt. M. Miller, Co. A.
17. Sgt. R. H. Cresmond, Co. B, severely.
18. Cpl. Thomas Lowe, Co. B, severely.
19. Cpl. Patrick Riley, Co. B, slightly.
20. *Pvt. Elijah Cain, Co. B, died 1 Oct. 1847.
21. *Pvt. Jacob Frank, Co. B, died 9 Sept. 1847.
22. Pvt. Edward Kenneford, Co. B, severely.
23. Pvt. Levi Mills, Co. B, severely.
24. Pvt. Thomas Pardon, Co. B, severely.
25. Pvt. N. Clegg, Co. B.
26. Pvt. E. Higgins, Co. B.
27. Pvt. T. Joice, Co. B.
28. Pvt. M. Leonard, Co. B
29. Pvt. W. Lewis, Co. B.
30. Pvt. J. Kavanaugh, Co. B.
31. First Lt. John D. Clark, Co. C, severely.
32. Second Lt. George Wainwright, Co. C, severely.
33. Sgt. David Fink or Pink, Co. C, slightly.
34. Pvt. Anthony Brooks, Co. C, severely.
35. Pvt. John Graves, Co. C, severely.
36. Pvt. Robert Hawkins, Co. C, severely.
37. Pvt. Joseph Hanner, Co. C, severely.
38. Pvt. Henry B. Jordan, Co. C, severely.
39. Pvt. James Edmunds, Co. C, severely.
40. Pvt. Lawrence Kenny, Co. C, severely.
41. Pvt. James Wilson, Co. C, severely.
42. Pvt. Charles Evanson, Co. C.
43. *Sgt. Thomas Sewell, Co. D, severely, died 24 Sept. 1847.
44. Cpl. Abner C. Edson, Co. D, slightly.
45. Cpl. William Fairchilds, Co. D, severely.
46. Pvt. William Angel, Co. D, severely.
47. Pvt. George Coffee, Co. D, severely.
48. Pvt. W. T. Bishop, Co. D, severely.
49. *Pvt. Charles D. Hess, Co. D, severely, died 30 Oct. 1847.
50. *Pvt. James B. Hill, Co. D, severely, died 16 Sept. 1847.
51. *Pvt. James Kelly, Co. D, severely, died 16 Sept. 1847.
52. *Pvt. Thomas A. Wilson, Co. D, severely, died 1 Oct. 1847.
53. *Pvt. Michael McEwen, Co. D, severely, died 17 Sept. 1847.
54. *Pvt. Michael Pickett, Co. D, severely, died 15 Oct. 1847.
55. Pvt. William Smith, Co. D, severely.
56. Pvt. L. Fagan, Co. D.
57. Pvt. W. Gippard, Co. D.
58. Pvt. J. Kerrigan, Co. D.
59. First Lt. John Beardsley, Co. E, severely.
60. Second Lt. James G. S. Snelling, Co. E
61. Sgt. John Robinson, Co. E, severely.
62. Sgt. James H. Kearney, Co. E, severely.
63. Cpl. David Lawlor or Lawyer, Co. E, slightly.
64. Pvt. Joseph Arnold, Co. E, severely.
65. *Pvt. John Clark, Co. E, severely, died 8 Sept. 1847.
66. Pvt. Charles Brown, Co. E, severely.
67. Pvt. Patrick Cassin, Co. E, severely.
68. Pvt. David Dunce, Co. E, severely.
69. Pvt. Chester C. Kennerly, Co. E, severely.
70. Pvt. Peter King, Co. E, severely.
71. Pvt. Patrick Kenny, Co. E, severely.
72. Pvt. Henry F. Miller, Co. E, severely.
73. Pvt. Patrick McCarty, Co. E, severely.
74. Pvt. Nathaniel Ross, Co. E, severely.
75. *Pvt. Alexander Prentiss, Co. E, severely, died 8 Sept. 1847.
76. Pvt. B. G. Barret, Co. E.
77. Pvt. C. Carrol, Co. E.
78. Pvt. James Gamble, Co. E.
79. Pvt. O. W. H. Kellogg, Co. E.
80. Cpl. Joseph Scantlon or Seanson, Co. F, slightly.
81. *Pvt. Augustus Bliss, Co. F, severely, died 9 Sept. 1847.
82. Pvt. Anton Carr, Co. F, severely.
83. Pvt. William Cullin, Co. F, severely.
84. Pvt. Henry Buckland, Co. F, severely.
85. *Pvt. Jacob Missill, Co. F, severely, died 15 Sept. 1847.
86. Pvt. Sidney W. Penroyer, Co. F, severely.
87. Pvt. William Schad, Co. F, severely.
88. *Pvt. Luther Schoats, Co. F, severely, died 15 Sept. 1847.
89. Pvt. William Tooner, Co. F, severely.
90. *Pvt. Michael Walsh, Co. F, severely, died 15 Sept. 1847.
91. Pvt. John Young, Co. F, severely.
92. Pvt. J. K. Hock, Co. F.
93. Pvt. Theodore Shinard, Co. F.
94. *First Lt. John G. Burbank, Co. G, mortally, died Sept. 10, 1847.
95. Sgt. John Smith, Co. H, severely.
96. Cpl. Caleb Smith, Co. H, slightly.
97. *Pvt. Thomas Brennard, Co. H, severely, died 16 Oct. 1847.
98. Pvt. Thomas Burke, Co. H, severely.
99. Pvt. John Cosgrove, Co. H, severely.
100. Pvt. Phineas Cook, Co. H, severely.
101. Pvt. Alexander McDonald, Co. H, severely.
102. Pvt. Bernard Malone, Co. H, severely.
103. Pvt. James Mooney, Co. H, severely.
104. Pvt. Henry Rummer, Co. H, severely.
105. *Pvt. John Paul, Co. H, severely, died 26 Sept. 1847.
106. *Pvt. John M. Rentor, Co. H, severely, died 26 Sept. 1847.
107. Pvt. Oscar F. Sweet, Co. H, severely.
108. Pvt. Nicholas Hoyt, Co. H, severely.
109. Pvt. H. Eubank, Co. H.
110. Pvt. John Gordon, Co. H.
111. Pvt. Dewitt McDaniel or McDaniels, Co. H.
112. Pvt. John McCarthy or McCarty, Co. H.
113. Sgt. Frederick Backhans or Backhus, Co. I, severely.
114. *Pvt. John Bermingham, Co. I, severely, died 9 Sept. 1847.
115. Pvt. Job or John H. McGuire, Co. I, severely.
116. Pvt. Stephen F. or T Templeman, Co. I, severely.
117. Pvt. John Weith, Co. I, severely.
118. *Pvt. William Wilson, Co. I, severely, died 9 Sept. 1847.
119. Pvt. John T. Blair, Co. I.
120. Pvt. S. A. Weller, Co. I.
121. Pvt P. McMillan, Co. I.
122. Bvt. Major William R. Montgomery, Co. K, slightly.
123. * First Lt. Charles F. Morris, Co. K, mortally, died Sept. 17, 1847.
124. Sgt. George Simons or Simmons, Co. K, severely.
125. *Pvt. David or Henry Bohan or Boheon, Co. K, severely, died 23 Sept. 1847.
126. *Pvt. Mark Chapple, Co. K, severely, died 29 Sept. 1847.
127. Pvt. Michael Conrey or Conway, Co. K, severely.
128. *Pvt. James Raby or Ruby, Co. K, severely, died 15 Sept. 1847.
129. *Pvt. William Sourley, Co. K, severely, 10 Sept. 1847.
130. Pvt. Charles Daniels, Co. K.
131. Pvt. William C. Morris, Co. K.
132. Pvt. Henry Horinar or Norman, Co. K.
133. Pvt. Charles or William Thomas, Co. K.
134. Pvt. James A. Terril or Tirrell, Co. K.
135. Pvt. William McDonald, Co. ?
136. *Pvt. David Springham, Co. ?, mortally, since dead.
137. *Pvt. Henry Rumears, Co. ?, mortally, since dead.
138. *Pvt. S. Poler or Pooler, Co. ?, mortally, since dead.

Division Staff:
1. Capt. J. L. Mason, Engineers, severely wounded.
2. Second Lt. J. G. Foster, Engineers, severely wounded.

1. Pvt. Hugh Donahue, killed.
2. Pvt. John Dougherty, slightly wounded.