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The list for this battle is divided into two parts. This is PART ONE.
See also Chapultepec and City of Mexico, PART TWO.

SEPTEMBER 13-14, 1847

Commanded by Brig.-Gen. Worth

Staff, Civilians, Engineers, Sappers & Miners, and Ordnance
1. Capt. William W. Mackall, A.A.G., Division Staff; slightly.
2. George W. Kendall, volunteer, A.D.C.; slightly.
3. 1st Lt. Isaac I. Stevens, Engineers, severely wounded at San Cosmé Gate.
4. Sgt. D. Hastings, Sappers & Miners; severely.
5. Sgt. P. Maguire or McGuire, Ordnance; slightly.
6. Pvt. Davis, Ordnance; slightly.

Garland’s Brigade

Second Artillery
1. Pvt. Richard Gilmore or Gilmour, Co. A.
2. Sgt. John Sear or Scarr, Co. I.
3. Musician Joseph Cook, Co. D.
4. Pvt. Charles Carroll, Co. C.
5. Pvt. John Kennedy, Co. F.
6. Pvt. William O'Neil. Co. G.

1. Artificer Edmund or Edmond Ring, Co. A, slightly.
2. Pvt. Thomas Murphy, Co. A, severely.
3. Pvt. Joseph Bateman, Co. A, slightly.
4. Pvt. William Smith, Co. A, slightly.
5. Pvt. John Wolf or Wolfe, Co. A, slightly.
6. Pvt. Francis Desmond, Co. A, slightly.
7. Sgt. James McCormick, Co. H, slightly.
8. Cpl. Henry Beigle or Reigle, Co. D, slightly.
9. *Musician Anthony Baker, mortally.
10. Pvt. John Sweeny, Co. C, severely.
11. Pvt. Herman Von Steen, Co. C, severely.
12. Pvt. Carl Chapparcan or Coapparcan or Chap-perau, Co. D, slightly.
13. Pvt. George Chiveton, Co. D, slightly.
14. Pvt. Frederick Braugh or Brugh, Co. D, slightly.
15. Pvt. Jeremiah Carnagh or Cavaugh, Co. G, slightly.
16. Pvt. W. Garlick, Co. G, slightly.
17. Pvt. David Rikin, Co. H, slightly.
18. Pvt. Patrick Born, Co. H, severely.
19. Pvt. John Young, Co. H, severely.
20. Pvt. Michael Halloran, Co. H, severely.
21. Pvt. John Klinz, Co. H, slightly.

Third Artillery
1. Pvt. Nathan Randall, Co. G, slightly.
2. Pvt. John Ycao or Zear, Co. G, severely.
3. Pvt. Godfrey Piermont, Co. I, severely.
4. Pvt. Marcus Bain, Co. K, slightly.
5. Pvt. John Haggerty, Co. K, slightly.

Fourth Infantry
1. Lt. A. J. or P. Rogers, Co. D.
2. Sgt. William Donegan or Dowagen, Co. D.
3. Sgt. George Blast. Co. B.
4. Cpl. James Hagan, Co. A.
5. Pvt. Conrad Graf, Co. A.
6. Pvt. Isaac I. or J. Jonson or Johnson, Co. A.
7. Pvt. Alexander McCoy, Co. B.
8. Pvt. Harl or Karl Sigmond, Co. B.
9. Pvt. Michael Kelley or Kelly, Co. D.
10. Pvt. William Billington, Co. E.
11. Pvt. Joel Barrom or Barrow, Co. E.

1. Lt. Col. John Garland, Brigade Staff, com-manding brigade; severely.
2. *First Lt. S. Smith, Co. I, died Sept. 16, 1847.
3. Second Lt. Maurice Maloney, Co. B, wounded at San Cosmé gate.
4. Sgt. William Blaisdell, Co. A, severely.
5. Sgt. David Toobwiller, Co. E, slightly.
6. Cpl. Theodore Gregg, Co. A, severely.
7. *Pvt. Daniel Bennett, Co. B, mortally, since dead.
8. Pvt. Joseph F. Cooper, Co. D, slightly.
9. Pvt. Hamilton Sparks, Co. E, severely.
10. Pvt. John Whitnell or Witnell, Co. E, slightly.
11. Pvt. William Grant, Co. E, severely.
12. Pvt. Patrick Toole, Co. Co. A, severely.
13. Pvt. Lonesee or Lonesell, Co. A, slightly.
14. Pvt. William Burton, Co. B, severely.
15. Pvt. James Lawless, Co. B, severely.
16. Pvt. Stephen Man or Mann, Co. B, severely.
17. Pvt. Adolphus Schnyer or Schugar, Co. B, severely.
18. Pvt. Jacob Shores, Co. B, severely.
19. Pvt. John M. Mallinder, Co. B, slightly.
20. Pvt. William Wilson, Co. C, severely.
21. Pvt. Mark Spaulding, Co. C, severely.
22. Pvt. Vernon B. West, Co. C, slightly.
23. Pvt. Wm. Varnel, Co. C, severely.
24. Pvt. George Henry, Co. D, slightly.
25. Pvt. William Lawrence, Co. D, severely.
26. Pvt. Duwilda Myers, Co. D, severely.
27. Pvt. Thomas Collis, Co. D, slightly.
28. Pvt. William Cross, Co. D, slightly.
29. Pvt. Joseph Peck, Co. D, severely.
30. Pvt. John C. or E. Christie, Co. E, severely.
31. Pvt. Mortonier or Mortonies Crofoot or Cro-fort, Co. E, slightly.
32. Pvt. William Thompson, Co. I, slightly.
33. Pvt. Henry Byrnes, Co. I, severely.
34. Pvt. James Fisher, Co. I, slightly.
35. Pvt. James Parker, Co. I, severely.
36. Pvt. Gracincomp or Grapincamp, Co. I, se-verely.
37. *Pvt. Aganna or Aganus Dowis, Co.I, mor-tally.

1. Pvt. Charles Quick
2. Pvt. Valentine Impoft
3. Pvt. James Farramier
4. Pvt. Edward Blackman
5. Pvt. Victor Whipple
6. Pvt. James Leise
7. Pvt. John Briolon
8. Pvt. Charles Whitty

Clark’s Brigade

Fifth Infantry
1. Second Lt. J. P. Smith.
2. Pvt. V. or W. E. Reed or Reid, Co. I.
3. Pvt. James McLoy or James W. Loy, Co. K.

1. Capt. D. H. McPhail, slightly.
2. *Sgt. Henry Farmer, severely, since dead.
3. Cpl. Darius Ballard, Co. H, severely.
4. Pvt. Joseph McGartin or McGartlin, Co. H, severely.
5. Pvt. William O'Shaughnessy, Co. H, severely.
6. Pvt. John A. Schuber, severely.
7. Pvt. William Montgomery, slightly.
8. Pvt. John Dillon, Co. K, severely.
9. Pvt. James Harny or Kearny, slightly.
10. Pvt. Thomas Oats, Co. G, severely.
11. Pvt. George Gill, Co. K, severely.
Sixth Infantry
1. Pvt. Patrick Hines, Co. C.
2. Pvt. William Mooney, Co. F.
3. Pvt. David Trush or Frush, Co. F.
4. Pvt. Andrew Leet, Co. F.
5. Pvt. Henry Jones, Co. F.

1. First Lt. L. A. Armistead, Co. F, slighty wounded at Chapultepec.
2. Sgt.-Maj. Edw. Thompson, slightly.
3. *Pvt. George Ernst, severely, since dead.
4. Pvt. Alexander Maddox, Co. F, severely.
5. Pvt. William Dowley, Co. H, severely.
6. Sgt. Francis Fox, Co. K, slightly.
7. Pvt. Bernard Lynch, Co. K, slightly.
8. Pvt. Andrew Piper, Co. D, severely.

Eighth Infantry
1. First Lt. Joseph Selden, Co. A, severely wounded at Chapultepec.
2. Second Lt. James Longstreet, Co. F, severely wounded at Chapultepec.
3. Sgt. John A. Noon or Noose, Co. D, severely.
4. Sgt. J. L. Fish or Fisk, Co. K, severely.
5. Cpl. Robert Shaw, Co. I, severely.
6. Cpl. Thomas Smith, Co. K, severely.
7. Pvt. William Shaw, Co. I, slightly.
8. Pvt. John Hisner, Co. D, slightly.
9. Pvt. John Flummery, Co. E, slightly.
10. Pvt. M. Monaghyn or Monaghan, Co. H, se-verely.
11. Pvt. James C. McIntyre, Co. H, severely.
12. Pvt. Stephen M. Connell or McCornel, Co. H, severely.
13. Pvt. John McAulay, Co. I, severely.
14. Pvt. William Palmoter or Palmster, Co. I, se-verely.
15. Pvt. John Kibler, Co. I, severely.
16. Pvt. William Fox, Co. K, slightly.
17. Pvt. Alexander Reinhart, Co. K, severely.
18. Pvt. Nathaniel Clegg, Co. B, severely.
19. Pvt. Charles McClosky, Co. B, severely.
20. Pvt. Hanson Palmer, Co. B, severely.
21. Pvt. William Verrel, Co. ?, slightly.

Commanded by Brig.-Gen. Twiggs

Actions at Chapultepc and the Garita de Belen on the 13th, and in the city of Mexico on the 14th and 15th of September 1847.

Smith’s Brigade

General Staff
1. Firs Lt. Earl Van Dorn, 7th Infantry, slight contusion.

Mounted Rifles
1. Cpl. Dennis Byrne, Co. A.
2. Cpl. C. C. Arms, Co. H.
3. Pvt. Thomas D. Wheeler, Co. A.
4. Pvt. George Town, Co. A.
5. Pvt. William Donovan, Co. A.
6. Pvt. Elijah O. Pointer, Co. A.
7. Pvt. James I. Reed, Co. D.
8. Pvt. Jesse James, Co. G.
9. Pvt. Myron Bell, Co. H.

1. Maj. W. W. Loring, lost an arm.
2. Capt. John S. Simonson, Co. G, wounded at Chapultepec.
3. Capt. Jacob. B. Backenstos, Co. H, wounded at Chapultepec.
4. Capt. Stephen S. Tucker, Co. K, wounded at Chapultepec.
5. Second Lt. Francis S. K. Russell, Co. G, wounded at Chapultepec.
6. Second Lt. Innis N. Palmer, Co. A, wounded at Chapultepec.
7. Sgt.-Maj. Alonzo Stanton, slightly.
8. Sgt. Samuel Harp, Co. A, severely.
9. Sgt. Z. M. P. Hand, Co. D, slightly.
10. 1st Sgt. James Manly, Co. F, slightly.
11. *Sgt. William P. Sanders or Saunders, slightly, since dead.
12. Sgt. Hiram Dryer or Dwyer, Co. H, slightly.
13. Sgt. D. M. or N. Frame, Co. H, slightly.
14. Cpl. William M. or W. Winter, Co. D, se-verely.
15. Cpl. L. L. Worcester, Co. D, slightly.
16. Cpl. George Taylor, Co. D, slightly.
17. Cpl. J. M. L. Addison, Co. F, slightly.
18. Cpl. Rufus Peck, Co. G, slightly.
19. Cpl. Jeremiah O'Connell, Co. H, slightly.
20. Cpl. J. Freeman, Co. K, severely.
21. Cpl. J. Millard, Co. K, slightly.
22. Lance Cpl. Thomas Davis, Co. F, severely.
23. Lance Cpl. William P. Cook, Co. F, severely.
24. Pvt. James Farrell, Co. A, severely, lost an arm.
25. Pvt. Edward Allen, Co. A, slightly.
26. Pvt. Christopher Lidden or Linden, Co. A, slightly.
27. Pvt. Frederick Pilgrim or Pilgrum Co. A, slightly.
28. Pvt. J. M. Cannon, Co. D, severely.
29. Pvt. Anthony Stickler or Strickler, Co. D, slightly.
30. Pvt. George W. Raymond, Co. E, severely.
31. Pvt. Stanislaus Moraski or Moroski, Co. E, severely.
32. Pvt. Joseph Newhouse, Co. E, slightly.
33. Pvt. John Barber, Co. F, severely.
34. Pvt. John Richardson, Co. F, severely, lost a leg.
35. Pvt. Joseph Hoban, Co. F, severely.
36. Pvt. W. F. Herrington, Co. F, slightly.
37. Pvt. J. C. Morrison or Morton, Co. F, slightly.
38. Pvt. George B. Moshers or Mothers, Co. F, slightly.
39. Pvt. J. W. Robinson, Co. F, slightly.
40. Pvt. Joseph Watson, Co. F, slightly.
41. Pvt. Levi Grimsley or Grunsby, Co. F, se-verely.
42. Pvt. Benjamin Fabler or Tabler, Co. G, se-verely.
43. Pvt. John Dalton or Dillon, Co. G, severely.
44. Pvt. John C. or G. Myers, Co. G, severely.
45. Pvt. Lindsey or Lyndsey Hooker, Co. G, se-verely.
46. Pvt. Daniel Williams, Co. G, severely.
47. Pvt. Lewis Capsey or Copsey, Co, G, severely.
48. Pvt. Thomas B. Brashene or Brushew, Co. G, severely.
49. Pvt. John Fickle, Co. G, slightly.
50. Pvt. Lawrence J. Filsome, Co. G, slightly.
51. Pvt. Bartholomew W. Wilson, Co. G, slightly.
52. Pvt. Joshua P. Santmyne or Santmyre, Co. G, slightly.
53. Pvt. Clinton Frazer, Co. G, slightly.
54. Pvt. William W. Wilson, Co. G, slightly.
55. Pvt. William Spear, Co. G, severely.
56. Pvt. M. Hamilton, Co. G, severely.
57. Pvt. M. Batsner or Batener, Co. H, severely.
58. Pvt. Francis Whitebread, Co. H, severely.
59. Pvt. J. Hak or Hok, Co. H, severely.
60. Pvt. J. Murry or Murray, Co. H, severely.
61. Pvt. S. Young, Co. H, severely.
62. Pvt. J. C. Roberts, Co. H, severely.
63. Pvt. J. C. Christman, or Christian, Co. H, se-verely.
64. Pvt. James or Joseph Patterson, Co. H, se-verely.
65. Pvt. C. or E. A. B. Phelps, Co. H, slightly.
66. Pvt. Robert Williams, Co. K, slightly.
67. Pvt. Josh or Joseph Garrison, Co. K, slightly.
68. Pvt. Josh or Joshua Debeuque, Co. K, slightly.
69. Pvt. Allen Overly, Co. K, slightly.
70. Pvt. Daniel Wells or Wills, Co. K, severely.

First Artillery
1. Pvt. Hiram Dengh or Deugh, Co. D.
2. Pvt. William Hagan. Co. F.
3. Pvt. William Finney, Co. G.
4. Pvt. James Harrigan, Co. G.
5. Pvt. Thomas McGlone or McGloire, Co. G.

1. Capt. George Nauman, Co. F, wounded at Chapultepec.
2. First Lt. and Adjt. John M. Brannan, Co. B, wounded at Chapultepec.
3. First Lt. Joseph A. Haskin, Co. H, lost an arm storming at Chapultepec.
4. First Sgt. Thomas Williams, Co. H, severely.
5. Cpl. Henry D. Silver or Sitner, Co. F, slightly.
6. Cpl. William Ferry or Perry, Co. G, slightly.
7. Cpl. Daniel B. Baker, Co. H, slightly.
8. Artificer John Meins or Weins, Co. B, slightly.
9. Pvt. Richard J. Shephard, Co. B, slightly.
10. Pvt. Thomas S. Perkins, Co. D.
11. Pvt. Amos Kinsely or Kingsley, Co. F, slightly.
12. Pvt. Bradly Lana or Laud, Co. F, severely.
13. Pvt. John McFarne, Co. G, severely.
14. Pvt. John Thompson, Co. G, severely.
15. Pvt. Robert Keegan or Kugan, Co. G, slightly.
16. Pvt. Henry Watts, Co. G, slightly.
17. Pvt. Harvey Gamperd or Lamperd, Co. H, slightly.
18. Pvt. John Miller, Co. H, slightly.
19. Pvt. Lewis Russell, Co. H, slightly.
20. Pvt. Francis Fletcher, Co. H, slightly.
21. Pvt. Frederick Wissail or Wissell, Co. H, se-verely.

1. Pvt. Edward or Edmund Quin or Quinn, Co. H.

Third Infantry
1. Sgt. John Bald or Bold, Co. I.
2. Cpl. James Huntley, Co. C.
3. Pvt. William Fortition or Partiton, Co. B.
4. Pvt. John J. O'Donnell, Co. B.
5. Pvt. James Welsh, Co. C.
6. Pvt. John Alexander, Co. E.
7. Pvt. Walter Scott, Co. F.
8. Pvt. Henry Boyle, Co. H.
9. Pvt. Michael O. Loghlin or O'Laughlin, Co. I.
10. Pvt. Florence McCarty, Co. K.

1. Sgt. Stewart Dougherty, Co. D, slightly.
2. Sgt. Dixon Ashworth, Co. F, slightly.
3. Lance Sgt. Orlando B. Miles, Co. C, slightly.
4. Cpl. Nelson Chamberlain, Co. B, severely.
5. Cpl. John Storm, Co. E, severely.
6. Cpl. William Adams, Co. I, slightly.
7. Pvt. James McNulty, Co. B, severely.
8. Pvt. Henry Varner, Co. B, severely.
9. Pvt. Moses Gleason, Co. B, severely.
10. Pvt. Banva Upton, Co. C, slightly.
11. Pvt. Edgar Watson, Co. C, slightly.
12. Pvt. Francis G. or J. Shlaiker or Slathan, Co. C, severely, in the city.
13. Pvt. Francis Cestrick or Oestrich, Co. C, se-verely, in the city.
14. Pvt. Henry Haldman or Holdman, Co. D, se-verely.
15. Pvt. John O'Brien, Co. D, severely.
16. Pvt. Harry Aberlee or Aberle, Co. D, severely, in the city.
17. Pvt. Amos Bardhart, Barnheart, or Barnhart, Co. F, slightly.
18. Pvt. William Campbell, Co. F, slightly.
19. Pvt. John Childers, Co. F, slightly.
20. Pvt. Cornelius Crowley, Co. F, slightly.
21. Pvt. John Hamilton, Co. F, slightly.
22. Pvt. William Myers, Co. F, slightly.
23. Pvt. Philip Ryan, Co. F, slightly.
24. Pvt. Timothy Sullivan, Co. F, slightly.
25. Pvt. William Kenny, Co. H, slightly.
26. Pvt. Charles F. E. Hyer or C. F. A. Kyer, CO. H, slightly.
27. Pvt. Edward Zimmerman, Co. H, slightly.
28. Pvt. Patrick Morran, Co. H, slightly.
29. Pvt. Henry McCampbill or McCamphill, Co. H, severely.
30. Pvt. Thomas Pritchard, Co. H, severely.
31. Pvt. Leonard Elias, Co. H, severely.
32. Pvt. David Jermon or Gorman, Co. H, se-verely.
33. Pvt. Eli Gable, Co. G, slightly.
34. Pvt. Charles McKinne or McKinnie, Co. G, slightly.
35. Pvt. Jacob Varnes, Co. G, slightly.
36. Pvt. Jos. Butterfield, Co. G, twice.
37. Pvt. George Frank, Co. K, slightly.
38. Pvt. Thomas McFarland, Co. K, slightly.
39. Pvt. Terry Dale, Co. K, severely.
40. Pvt. Charles J. Truman, Co. K, severely.
41. Pvt. Frederick A. Collins, Co. B, slightly.
42. Pvt. Elliott Ellmer, Co. B, slightly.
43. Pvt. Daniel Smith, Co. B, slightly.
44. Pvt. Daniel Wise, Co. B, slightly.
45. Pvt. J. Hock, Co. ?

1. Pvt. Isaac Tracy, Co. B.
2. Pvt. John Whetley or Witty, Co. B.
3. Pvt. John Venator or Vaneter, Co. B
4. Pvt. John Montgomery, Co. F
5. Pvt. Theodore Woodbury, Co. H.

Riley’s Brigade

Second Infantry
1. Sgt. William A. Morrison, Co. F.
2. Cpl. James Tierney, Co. B.
3. Musician Michael Elwood, Co. A.
4. Pvt. John M. Nash, Co. ?
5. Pvt. Patrick Sheridan, Co. B.
6. Pvt. Lewis Reinhart or Rinhart, Co. E.
7. Pvt. William Steinson, Co. I.

1. Capt. Silas Casey, Co. C, severely wounded at Chapultepec.
2. First Lt. Nathaniel Lyon, Co. D, wounded at Belen Gate.
3. Cpl. Robert Bailey, Co. B, slightly.
4. Cpl. William Bon or Bond, Co. B, slightly.
5. Cpl. William Evans, Co. B, slightly.
6. Pvt. Frederick McNally or McValley, Co. A, slightly.
7. Pvt. John Kesly or Keely, Co. B, slightly.
8. Pvt. George Martin, Co. B, slightly.
9. Cpl. Elias Ellis, Co. C, slightly.
10. Cpl. Thomas Handley, Co. C.
11. Pvt. Stevenson or Steven Evanson, Co. C, slightly.
12. Pvt. William Feather, Co. C, slightly.
13. Pvt. Tetus or Titus S. Gillow or Guillow, Co. C, slightly.
14. Pvt. William Hughes, Co. C, slightly.
15. Pvt. Ervin Levin or Linn, Co. C, slightly.
16. Pvt. Nicholas C. or M. James, Co. C, slightly.
17. Pvt. Patrick McKenna, Co. C, slightly.
18. Pvt. Jacob Miller, Co. C, slightly.
19. Pvt. Abraham Sammons or Simmons, Co. C, slightly.
20. Pvt. John Wallace, Co. C, slightly.
21. Pvt. Patrick Gallagher, Co. F, slightly.
22. Pvt. John Daly or Laly, Co. G, slightly.
23. Pvt. Hiram Shippey or Shippley, Co. G, slightly.
24. Pvt. Richard G. Martin, Co. H, slightly.
25. Pvt. William L. or T. Ray, Co. H, slightly.
26. Pvt. Thomas Graham, Co. I, severely.
27. Pvt. Lewis Hastings, Co. I, severely.
28. Pvt. John Kavanagh, Co. I, severely.
29. Pvt. Patrick Kelly, Co. I, severely.
30. Pvt. John Semple, Co. I, severely.
31. Pvt. Daniel Lanahan, Co. I, severely.
32. Pvt. John Lynch, Co. I, severely.
33. Pvt. James Sullivan, Co. I, severely.
34. Pvt. John Brown, Co. E, severely.
35. Pvt. Daniel Carr, Co. E, severely.
36. Pvt. Peter Kerr, Co. D, severely.
37. Pvt. Alexander Beebe, Co. F, slightly.
38. Sgt. Achahel or Asabel H. Wells, Co. E, se-verely.
39. Musician Thomas Rose, Co. E, severely.
40. Pvt. Charles Clarke, Co.D, slightly.
41. Pvt. Benjamin Little, Co. D, severely.

Seventh Infantry
1. First Lt. Levi Cautt or Gantt, Co. C.
2. Pvt. James W. or Joseph N. Garrett, Co. E.
3. Pvt. Keyran Temple, Co. E.
4. Pvt. Richard Shore, Co. F.
5. Pvt. Neil or Neill Donnelly, Co. I.

1. Sgt. Richard H. Cross, Co. C.
2. Pvt. James Lilly, Co. C, severely.
3. Pvt. Joseph Gilhully, Co. E, severely.
4. Pvt. Patrick Murphy, Co. E, severely.
5. Pvt. Charles Howard, Co. F, severely.
6. Pvt. John Barnes, Co. I, severely.
7. Pvt. George F. Flagg, Co. I, severely.
8. *Pvt. John Hughes, Co. I, mortally.
9. *Pvt. Patrick Murphy, Co. I, mortally.

1. Pvt. Stephen L. Rouse, Co. C.
2. Pvt. John Pierce, Co. F.
3. Pvt. Michael Gilmore, Co. I.
4. Pvt. David Mayer or Mayor, Co. I.

Fourth Artillery
1. Capt. S. J. Drum, Co. G.
2. First Lt. C. Benjamin, Co. G.
3. First Sgt. T. Brady, Co. G.
4. Pvt. John Hayne, Co. G.
5. Pvt. Morgan O’Grady, Co. G.
6. Pvt. Daniel Woods, Co. G.

1. Sgt. Major Robert W. Howard, severely.
2. Pvt. John Steevier or Sterrier, Co. C, slightly.
3. Pvt. Samuel Webb, Co. C, severely.
4. Pvt. Augustus Walker, Co. C, slightly.
5. Pvt. Carrigan, Co. D.
6. Pvt. Kane, Co. D.
7. Cpl. William Anderson, Co. E, slightly.
8. Pvt. John McLaughlin, Co. E, slightly.
9. Pvt. Thomas Navy, Co. E, slightly.
10. Pvt. Francis H. Fox, Co. E, severely.
11. Sgt. J. Cross, Co. G, severely.
12. Cpl. James Striker, Co. G, severely.
13. Pvt. Jeremiah Burke, Co. G, severely.
14. Pvt. John Lawton, Co. G, severely.
15. Pvt. Augustus Nebthal, Co. G, , severely.
16. Pvt. Patrick R. Rice, Co. G, severely.
17. Pvt. Augustine, Co. G.
18. Pvt. Brush, Co. G.
19. Pvt. Butler, Co. G.
20. Pvt. Colligan, Co. G.
21. Pvt. Calleghan, Co. G.
22. Pvt. Riker, Co. G.
23. Pvt. Robinson, Co. G.
24. Pvt. Hart, Co. G.
25. Pvt. Kittler, Co. G.
26. Pvt. McTerry, Co. G.
27. Pvt. Murphy, Co. G.
28. Pvt. Quick, Co. G.
29. Pvt. Williams, Co. G.
30. Pvt. Samuel Noble, Co. ?, slightly.

Commanded by Maj.-Gen. Pillow

1. Maj.-Gen. Gideon J. Pillow
2. First Lt. G. T. Beauregard, Engineers, twice wounded at Chapultepec.

Pierce’s Brigade

Ninth Infantry
1. Col. T. B. Ransom, at Chapultepec, Sept. 13, 1847.
2. Sgt. George C. Spencer
3. Cpl. John Balleneau or Balleman
4. Cpl. George E. Barnes
5. Pvt. Foster Edson
6. Pvt. John Dorset
7. Pvt. George Ball

1. Musician George W. King, slightly.
2. Pvt. E. T. Pike, severely.
3. Pvt. Charles B. Horsewell, severely.
4. Pvt. Clark H. Green, severely.
5. Pvt. William March, severely.
6. Pvt. James Mohan, severely.
7. Pvt. Patrick Connars, severely.
8. Pvt. William Welsh, severely.
9. Pvt. Robert M. Brown, severely.
10. Pvt. N. W. King, severely.
11. Pvt. Benjamin Osgood, severely.
12. Pvt. N. G. Shett, severely.
13. Pvt. William H. White, slightly.
14. Pvt. H. B. Stone, slightly.
15. Pvt. Charles Twist, slightly.
16. Pvt. John Welston, slightly.
17. Pvt. John S. Lock, slightly.
18. Pvt. Isaac Ware, slightly.
19. Pvt. A. Noyce, slightly.
20. Pvt. W. A. Brown, slightly.
21. Pvt. J. Moody, slightly.
22. Pvt. J. Bridges, slightly.

Fifteenth Infantry
1. Pvt. Joseph Grant
2. Pvt. John Haviland
3. Pvt. John Herrick
4. Pvt. Henry W. Story
5. Pvt. James D. Kensil

1. Capt. E. A. King, slightly.
2. Sgt. Jonathan Jones, severely.
3. *Cpl. Wm. Kech, mortally.
4. *Cpl. Jos. McGill, mortally.
5. Cpl. Harvey Lyon, severely.
6. Pvt. Enos McClaren, severely.
7. Pvt. Jacob Ebeham, severely.
8. Pvt. Seth Millington, severely.
9. Pvt. Jonas Augtemyer, severely.
10. Pvt. Geo. Momeny, severely.
11. Pvt. Caleb B. Sly, severely.
12. Pvt. Marvin Ward, severely.
13. Pvt. Lewis Anderson, slightly.
14. Pvt. Christian Hammell, slightly.
15. Pvt. Duncumb McKinsey, slightly.
16. Pvt. Frank L. Hartinaw, slightly.
17. Pvt. Henry Hess, slightly.

1. Pvt. Harkin

Cadwalader’s Brigade

Fourteenth Infantry
1. Pvt. Benjamin Hall
2. Pvt. Robert Arnold
3. Pvt. H. E. or K. Manning
4. Pvt. James M. Manypenny or Moneypenny

1. Col. William Trousdale
2. Capt. James M. Scantland
3. Capt. Robert G. Beale
4. 2d Lt. Richard Steele
5. Pvt. Robert W. Bedford
6. *Sgt. Wm. M. Bledsoe, mortally.
7. Cpl. H. Montgomery, slightly.
8. Pvt. Wm. D. Pharris, severely.
9. Pvt. S. Sutzenhizer, severely.
10. Pvt. W. F. Beatty, severely.
11. Pvt. James Kennedy, severely.
12. Pvt. Stewart White, severely.
13. Pvt. John Philand, severely.
14. Pvt. Bolivar Vincent, severely.
15. Pvt. Calvin C. Forola, severely.
16. Pvt. A. D. Anjon, slightly.
17. Pvt. A. Chadwick, slightly.
18. Pvt. John Wilkinson, slightly.
19. Pvt. F. Faoball, slightly.
20. Pvt. J. Donelly, slightly.

1. Pvt. John Crawford
2. Pvt. Wm. Dearing or Doaring
3. Pvt. James McDermott
4. Pvt. John Blair
5. Pvt. W. R. Watson

1. Pvt. H. Frick
2. Pvt. E. Miller
3. Pvt. S. Richardson
4. Pvt. N. Salisbury

1. Lt. Col. Joseph E. Johnson
2. Capt. Moses J. Barnard
3. 1st Lt. James Tilton
4. 1st Lt. Gangenecker
5. 2d Lt. J. L. Meno
6. 2d Lt. W. J. Martin
7. Sgt. W. Peat, severely.
8. Pvt. J. C. Marbou or Malbon, slightly.
9. Pvt. T. S. Gardner, slightly.
10. Pvt. H. C. or P. Long, slightly.
11. *Cpl. H. E. Reid or Reed, mortally.
12. *Cpl. M. Finder or Finley, mortally.
13. Cpl. M. Conway, severely.
14. Cpl. J. Muldoon, slightly.
15. Cpl. R. Cooper, slightly.
16. Cpl. J. McGown, slightly.
17. Musician A. Fair, severely.
18. *Pvt. M. Bancroft, mortally.
19. *Pvt. E. Brass, mortally.
20. Pvt. S. McCall, severely.
21. Pvt. W. H. Fitzhugh, severely.
22. Pvt. W. Wood, severely.
23. Pvt. J. Cox, severely.
24. Pvt.  - Dwyer, severely.
25. Pvt. T. Evans, severely.
26. Pvt. W. K. Fletcher, severely.
27. Pvt. J. Amey, severely.
28. Pvt. J. Smith, severely.
29. Pvt. C. Redding, severely.
30. Pvt. M. Rain, severely.
31. Pvt. G. Spencer, severely.
32. Pvt. C. Miler, severely.
33. Pvt. J. Young, severely.
34. Pvt. P. Henry, severely.
35. Pvt. D. Doughney, severely.
36. Pvt. J. Deitz, severely.
37. Pvt. T. Wallace, slightly.
38. Pvt. O. Russell, slightly.
39. Pvt. E. T. Gooden, slightly.
40. Pvt. J. H. Malbon, slightly.
41. Pvt. J. M. Floyd, slightly.
42. Pvt. T. H. Gill, slightly.
43. Pvt. T. Trumble, slightly.

1. Pvt. James Hall
2. Pvt. J. Medcalf
3. Pvt. J. A. Maples
4. Pvt. G. Mayguad or Weygand
Magruder’s Light Battery
(1st Artillery, Co. I - Field Battery)
1. Capt. J. B. Magruder, Co. I, slightly wounded twice at Chapultepec.
2. Pvt. Paul Dalym, Co. I, severely.
3. Pvt. Edmond Lanergan or Lonergan, Co. I, severely.
4. Pvt. James Donelly or Donnelly, Co. I, slightly.
5. Pvt. Anthony Kreiss, Co. I, slightly.
6. Pvt. William Merrick, Co. I, slightly.