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Membership Benefits

All DMWV members are eligible to receive:
  • a membership certificate suitable for framing.
  • a copy of the society's bylaws (upon request).
  • a membership roster (whenever published).
  • a discount on all DMWV publications.
All ACTIVE (dues-paid) adult members receive:
  • a subscription to the DMWV newsletter, The American Eagle.
  • a subscription to the DMWV periodical, MEXICAN WAR Journal.
  • access to the members only section of this web site.
  • any special commemorative items that may be issued from time to time by the board. (For example: members who were active between 1995-1997 received a Mexican War Sesquicentenary calendar. Members who were active in May 1996 received a commemorative Palo Alto "first day" postcard mailed from Brownsville, Texas on the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Palo Alto.)
Any member in good standing may purchase a membership medal.

All papers relating to a member's veteran ancestor, submitted by that member, are kept on file by the Recording Secretary.

All active full members are eligible to make nominations, to vote and to hold office.

One active associate member may serve on the Board of Directors.

All active members are invited and encouraged to attend the annual meeting and any special events.

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