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For nearly twenty years, our organization has carried out or participated in a variety of activities and projects that were initiated for the purpose of meeting our stated objectives. Below is a review, by category, of our more outstanding accomplishments.

Historical Markers and Memorials

City of Brownsville Heritage Trail Marker
"The Siege of Fort Brown"
Brownsville, Texas

Fort Brown Flagpole
To Honor the Defenders of May 3-8, 1846
Brownsville, Texas

Design layout and repositioning of existing markers at Fort Brown
Brownsville, Texas

Brazos Santiago Military Depot marker
Texas Historical Commission Marker
Brazos Santiago Military Depot
Cameron County, Texas

Texas Historical Commission Marker
Camp Belknap, on the Rio Grande
Cameron County, Texas

Plaque Honoring Alexander Kenaday
Founder, National Association of Veterans of the Mexican War
Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, D.C.

Old Bayview Cemetery Flagpoles
Two flagpoles erected at Old Bayview Cemetery, Corpus Christi, Texas, 2000.

Dayton disaster victim grave markers
VA grave markers installed at Old Bayview Cemetery, Corpus Christi, Texas, 2002, to commemorate the victims of the 1845 Dayton disaster.

Army of Occupation Monument
Army of Occupation Monument, at Old Bayview Cemetery, Corpus Christi, Texas, honoring 69 soldiers who died 1845-1846, whose grave locations are unknown. Erected and dedicated 2004.

Camp Jefferson Davis Panel
This is a close-up of the panel to be placed on the prominade in Pascagoula, MS near the site of the Camp Jefferson Davis. There will be audio with the marker and plans are underway to have a QR code as well as a cell phone tour. 2013

Camp Jefferson Dave PMarker
This the Mississippi Department of Archives and History highway-style marker sponsored by the DMWV and placed on the jogging trail near the main entrance to the beach at the Beach Park, Pascagoula, MS near the site of the Camp Jefferson Davis. 2014

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Historic Preservation

Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Park

Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site

The DMWV was one of several organizations and individuals who encouraged passage of the bill that was signed into law in 1992, creating the Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Park. In May 1993, during dedication ceremonies in Brownsville, the DMWV was recognized by both the United States National Park Service and the Palo Alto National Park Committee for the role it played in the establishment of the park.

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For the past several years the DMWV has not only published its own newsletter and quarterly, MEXICAN WAR Journal (founded 1991), it also published several books about the U.S.-Mexican War and its veterans, some of which are still in print. Here is a list of the titles:

  • How To Find Your Mexican War Veteran Ancestor (1989 and 1991) NO LONGER AVAILABLE
  • Historic Sites of the Mexican War, Part One: Texas (1995)
  • Dallas County, Texas and the Mexican War (1995)
  • A Documentary History of the Mexican War (1995)
  • The Mexican War Logbook & Letters of Capt. Jefferson Peak(1996)
  • Alabama Volunteers in the Mexican War: A History and Annotated Roster (1996)
  • Eutaw Rangers: The Mexican War Journal & Letters of Capt. Sydenham Moore and the Mexican War Journal of Pvt. Stephen F. Nunnalee (1998)
  • U.S. Veterans of the War with Mexico: A Guide to Genealogical Research (1998)
  • Sketches by a Skirmisher: The Mexican War Writings of Capt. Mayne Reid (1998)
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Since 1993 the DMWV was formally represented by officers and members who attended and/or presented papers at various scholarly conferences that focused on the U.S.-Mexican War. These were:

  • 1st Annual Palo Alto Conference, Brownsville, Texas, May 7-8,1993
  • 2nd Annual Bi-National Conference on the U.S.-Mexican War, Brownsville, Texas and Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico, February 11-12, 1994
  • 3rd Annual Bi-National Conference on the U.S.-Mexican War, Brownsville, Texas and Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico, February 10-11, 1995
  • 4th Annual Palo Alto Conference, University of Texas at Arlington, October 25-26, 1996
  • Sesquicentenary Conference on the U.S.-Mexican War, San Antonio, Texas, September 12, 1998
  • The Bi-National US-Mexican War Conference held in Corpus Christi, Texas September 2002
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Here is a list of some of the miscellaneous projects in which DMWV members were involved or that were carried out by the DMWV:

  • Held a Memorial Service for Victims of the 1845 Dayton Disaster, September 17, 1995. Old Bayview Cemetery, Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Held a Memorial Service For "All the Soldiers Who Died in the War with Mexico," May 24, 1997, Grounds of the Port Isabel Lighthouse, Port Isabel, Texas
  • Held a Memorial Service For Capt. Samuel H. Walker, on the 150th Anniversary of His Death, October 12, 1997, Odd Fellows Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas
  • Between 1991 and 1998, several DMWV members assisted PBS station KERA-TV (Channel 13) in Dallas, Texas with its U.S.-Mexican War documentary, which aired nationally in September 1998. Some of these same members received credits in both the documentary and the accompanying book.
  • In 1996, the DMWV assisted the National Parks and Conservation Association with its production of a booklet featuring historic sites of the U.S.-Mexican War.
  • In March 1996, the DMWV launched its Internet website. In 1999, the portion dealing with the U.S.-Mexican War received a rating of "Superior" from Encyclopedia Britannica Online.
  • Several DMWV members contributed articles to Macmillan and Company's encyclopedic work The U.S. and Mexico at War (1997).
  • In 1997, the DMWV initiated its Veterans Grave Registry Project (ongoing). To date, several members and non-members have contributed information that will eventually be placed on the society's website or published (or both)
  • In 2000, the DMWV paid for the erecting of two flagpoles at Old Bayview Cemetery in Corpus Christi, Texas and had members who participated in a dedication ceremony.
  • In 2001, the DMWV donated its library, consisting of over 200 books, prints, microfilm, and other items (acquired over a period of twelve years), to the U.S. National Park Service at Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site. These items now form the nucleus of a Mexican War research library that is housed at the University of Texas at Brownsville.
  • The year 2002 saw the completion of a project initiated several years earlier, the microfilming of the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps pay records for 1846-1848. These records were donated to the University of Texas at Arlington Special Collections Library in 2007.
  • Thanks to the efforts of DMWV board member Rosa Gonzales, veteran grave markers were installed at Old Bayview Cemetery for the victims of the 1845 Dayton disaster and in September 2002, an emotional, patriotic public dedication ceremony was held.
  • In 2004, the DMWV helped erect a monument to the US Army of Occupation in Corpus Christi, Texas and held a large ceremony for the formal dedication.
  • In 2006, The DMWV donated funds to obtain a display case for Mexican War items at Fort Jesup in Many Louisiana. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, this site was in dire need of assistance
  • In 2007, the DMWV donated the US Army Quartermaster microfilm rolls to the University of Texas at Arlington's Special Collections Library.
  • In 2010, VA markers placed and military burials for remains of four US Army officers of the Mexican War at Biloxi National Cemetery despite heavy opposition from anti-veteran individuals.
  • In 2013, The MWV had commemorative informational panels erected on the pier and boardwalk relating to the Mexican War in Pascagoula, MS.
  • In 2014, DMWV donated funds for a Mississippi State Historical Marker that was placed near the location of Camp Jefferson Davis in Pascagoula, MS.

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