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About the Descendants of Mexican War Veterans

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General Information

About Our Seal

"When you go home, we want you to endeavor to inspire your sons and daughters more and more with a love for this work. Have them, if they are not already members, affiliate themselves with some organization of this association."

- Col. Abe Harris, President of the Texas Association of Veterans of the Mexican War, to the delegates at the 1907 convention in Dallas.

Who We Are

DMWV members at Palo Alto Battlefield, 1999

The DMWV is a non-profit, non-political, national lineage society chartered by the State of Texas and recognized by the U. S. government as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Our purposes are historical, genealogical, educational and charitable in nature.

We are the descendants of both regular and volunteer officers, enlisted men, and civilian employees of the United States government. Since 1989, more than 500 individuals, scattered across the United States, Canada and Mexico, have been issued a membership certificate. Currently, about a fifth of this number are active in the society.

Some members are the descendants of civilian employees of the United States Army.

Approximately 10% of our members are professional historians, university professors, and other interested persons who participate as Associates.

Both men and women may join our society. We are not a "sons of" or "daughters of" type organization.

We are also something of a rarity among lineage societies in that to us, history and genealogy are inseparable. Our activities, accordingly, are driven by an interest in both, with neither one being emphasized to the exclusion of the other.

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