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About the Descendants of Mexican War Veterans

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A Publication of The Descendants of Mexican War Veterans

Rebecca Heath

Editorial Advisors:
Dr. Gerald Saxon, University of Texas at Arlington
Dr. Anthony Knopp, University of Texas at Brownsville

MEXICAN WAR Journal is published biannually. Each volume begins with the Spring issue.

Original, documented articles will be considered for publication. The author should, when possible, submit his or her work via email to the Editor. Otherwise, work should be on a 3 inch diskette or CD, using a recent version of Microsoft Word or typewritten and double-spaced. Copies of diaries, letters, journals and other written materials produced by actual participants in the U.S.-Mexican War of 1846-1848 are especially welcome. All materials submitted must relate to said war or its participants. Diskettes, CDs, and manuscripts will be returned only if accompanied by an S.A.S.E. of sufficient size and bearing correct postage. No remuneration can be offered for any item submitted and accepted for publication. Send emails to: Please send an email to the Editor to receive the postal address for all manuscripts and correspondence.

MEXICAN WAR Journal is published as a service to the members of The Descendants of Mexican War Veterans, a non-profit, national lineage society chartered by the State of Texas. Regular annual dues for all adult members are currently set at $30. Non-member subscriptions are currently available at a cost of $30 per year. The single issue price is $20. Requests for non-member subscriptions should be sent to MWJ Subscriptions, DMWV National Office, P. O. Box 461941, Garland, Texas 75046-1941. Requests for membership applications and information should be directed to the same address.

The Editor of MEXICAN WAR Journal and The Descendants of Mexican War Veterans disclaim any responsibility for views expressed by contributors to MEXICAN WAR Journal.

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